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Virtual Bead String Webinar Series

Have you ever wondered how students develop a deep understanding of the big ideas in number?

The Bead String is a powerful virtual model that can be used to build and connect critical big ideas and strategies in all four math operations.

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Bead String Webinar Series


What's Included in Each Series?

9 Webinars

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Video Tutorials for the APP

Here's what teachers are saying 

The virtual bead string is not just a tool for solving problems. It is a model that can be used to make a student's mathematical thinking visible... not just for the student, but for the whole class. -
— 1st Grade Teacher
After watching the series, I have the tools to integrate the kinds of learning experiences for kids that develop fluent reasoning in mathematics using the virtual bead string model. - 
- Kindergarten Teacher 
I was surprised at how early children can develop their mathematical reasoning, if taught the right way. After watching the series, I see the power in using the virtual bead string to model student thinking. 
- 2nd Grade Teacher
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