Learning on Demand

Fundamentals Series

Each series is designed to maximize students’ learning by deepening your content knowledge and helping you to refine your teaching practice.

Especially designed for new teachers or as a content refresher for veteran teachers.
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Fundamentals Series

NEW Early Fractions Fundamentals Series


What's Included in Each Series?

Webinar Sessions

Teacher Resources

Rich Tasks

Assessment Tools

Here's what teachers are saying 

I am amazed with how in-depth, and detailed each session has been. It is interesting to learn that although counting may seem simplistic, there are unconscious strategies/ answers hidden behind each child. 
— 2nd Grade Teacher
Studying video helped me redefine the role of the teacher: adapting in the moment to what students are explaining and demonstrating, restating or narrating what students say, highlighting students' strategies. 
 -3rd Grade Teacher
The videos of student thinking and the analysis of student work were very helpful in understanding how the big ideas in multiplication and division come to life in the classroom.
— 4th Grade Teacher
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