Burst series: Early Fractions Gr. 2, 3, & 4

Early Fraction BURSTS 

How often have you cringed at the word, ‘fractions?’How often has this word driven fear into the heart of students? It doesn’t have to be this way for you or your students. We have created six reasoning routines (BURSTs) in fractions. These routines are designed to engage your students in playful learning that help develop foundational big ideas which are essential for success with fraction content
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Routine #1
Describe the Situation
Routine #2
Describe your share
Routine #3
Everybody gets...?
Routine #4
Fair? Not Fair?
Routine #5
What's my portion?
Routine #6
Where would you rather sit, Why?


I really enjoyed the new Fraction BURST routines. They are a quick and effective way to explore the big ideas in fractions and gather information about what kids know and what misconceptions they may have. I plan to use these during my fraction unit this year. 
- 3rd Grade Teacher
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